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Download Two Levels Horizontal Accordion Menu AS3 Version

By popular demand we have completely rewritten this file in AS3 so all users can enjoy it.

This is a highly flexible two level horizontal accordion menu which can be easily transformed into a one level horizontal menu by disabling the second level menus.

We included three skins with this package, please use the top buttons to toggle between them and the bottom buttons to switch between the allign modes available (for each skin). The skins can be modified with ease by editing the library items and from the .xml file

The buttons can open a link (url), send a gotoAndPlay or gotoAndStop action to the main timeline or call a javascript action (only inside the browser, of course).

Options you can change in the XML :

- the button’s width and height for the first and second level button
- the menu behavior either left, center or right
- you can display the menu on the whole page width or you can limit it to be aligned only in a small area defined here, in the xml
- you can also define the left margin of the menu which will be used to properly position the menu in your project.
- also you have time and type of animation for openning the second level menu.

In this preview, most of the getURL function has been disabled because we wanted to keep the user experience uninterrupted, of course in the package everything works just fine and you can launch an url + target for any button ( which you can modify in the xml file of course )

A great file waiting to be discovered by you. Impress your customers today !

We hope you’ll enjoy this new release from Oxylus Flash.

Support only on the Two Levels Horizontal Accordion Menu AS3 Version Support Forum.

Download Two Levels Horizontal Accordion Menu AS3 Version

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