Coolest Kitchen Products

Designing products for the kitchen is something I have always wanted to do, and with a lot of the recent advancements in the types of products we’re seeing in the kitchens around the world these days, I thought it’d be cool to do a product list, sort of a wishlist for things with cool designs that I would love to be a part of, plus some appliances I’d love to have in my kitchen!

Vacuum Sealer

These are cool if you’re a nerd like me, trust me, I’d love a vacuum sealer which is able to keep all my food for longer, I live alone and often end up with leftovers which go to waste which is bad for the earth and bad for my wallet. The best vacuum sealers have a cool design which I would also love to have in my sleek looking kitchen.

Pod Coffee Machine

Well I have a cafettiere and I love it! But sometimes you just want the one cup and to be honest I find myself not bothering making a batch and end up with instant or going out and spending too much on a coffee. A pod coffee machine seems like a cool solution and lets face it they look awesome, a lot of these have really cool logos and smooth, rounded designs, I want one. On top of this a lot of the pods do some cool flavors, I doubt it is as nice as a proper coffee, but if I’m in a hurry and just need one, this could be the answer.

Popcorn Maker

This is proper luxury, but some of the massive, retro style popcorn makers look awesome, they make a great party piece! I’d love to own one of the huge ones which have wheels, perfect for a party and to wheel out for movie nights!

Kitchens are a chance to experiment with products and design both functional and fun, and my kitchen is going to be changing a lot over coming years.


Why Logos are So Important in Business

logo-1154556_640A logo for a business is the way you are perceived. It mirrors your identity, or in the event of your business, your personal characteristics and values. It is additionally the most intense and vital advertising apparatus known.

It is really tough to create a ripple effect within the scene without a logo. In simplistic terms, a logo creates a mental route to an item or organization. Exactly how regularly do you perceive an automobile from its make, as opposed to the logo on the front.

Having a poor logo logo is insufficient to make a brand personality for you. A seriously poorly made logo can start to hinder the picture the public have of your business. Then again, a perfect logo can achieve the power and impart to them the value of your company or item.

A logo resemble your mark on the world. It demonstrates your proprietorship and is a safe make for fakes and fabrications to be made of. Modest fabrications of marked item are flooding the business sectors in the underdeveloped nations. Case in point, you can get a shoddy shoe with a logo to some degree like Nike’s logo, which can support the offer of that fake.

Once your logo has created the love of your buyers, your next stride will be see it used over and over again and get it on all of your social media and branding, everywhere people will see it. Every occasion which means your organization or any sector of your organization, is specified online for instance, your logo should really be there to go with it. Before long the colors and design will become what you’re known for.


Canva.com – perfect for amateur design projects!

I found this site a few weeks ago – how did I not know about it before? Canva.com is a free to use, browser based design program. When I heard that, I was skeptical, how good can it be if it is all done within a browser? But tech has come a long way. It is never going to replace the big graphic design programs but what a way to make it accessible to everyone. I have started teaching some basics to my nieces and nephew on it!

They have loads of free templates that you can use to start to put stuff together, from flyers to other graphics and logos. There are a lot of elements such as free graphics too. The site makes its money from some of the stock images and things that you can pay an extra dollar for, but even if you do that it is still so cheap. The preset designs and templates make it really easy to start to break down the design principles too and is a wonderful way to learn.

If you run a website too this can be a godsend and help to create all sorts of different graphic elements from infographics to post headings and even viral style images for you to put on facebook and instagram.

You can’t really go wrong with canva. You’re probably not going to make a whole magazine in it or anything, but it will set you in the right direction for simple design jobs and can even save you a fortune.